Enjoy Artisan Desserts Baked To Perfection

You don't have to settle for something that's just "good enough" when the craving hits you for something sweet. You can enjoy your favorite treats made fresh when you visit our local bakery, Wyld Flour Patisserie. We provide bakery services for all kinds of desserts, including cakes, cookies, pastries, cheesecakes, pies, and dessert bars.

Want something specific for a party or event? You can work directly with our dessert and cake baker, Apryl, to create a custom dessert using the flavors and design elements you want. Contact our local bakery in Missoula, MT today to arrange for dessert patisserie services or whatever else you have in mind.

We can provide all kinds of baked goods

Whether you want a gift for a special occasion or just want to stock up on tasty treats, we can help. Our bakery services include...

Providing fresh-baked cookies, dessert bars, and pastries for corporate events
Whipping up delicious desserts for anyone who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth
Making custom cakes and bakery gift boxes for any occasion

As a small local business, we can give your desserts a personal touch. If you want your cake or goodies to look even more special, we can package and wrap them to your specifications. Ask about your options for custom baked goods and desserts by calling us at 406-218-9058.