If you're craving something tasty, Wyld Flour Patisserie is the place to go.

Choose our dessert bakery in Missoula, MT

Are you the type of person who always makes sure to save room for dessert? Us too. At Wyld Flour Patisserie, we make the kinds of indulgent desserts that will have you speeding through your meal to get to the good stuff. Our dessert bakery serves...

Dessert bars, like lemon bars, pecan bars and chocolate or pumpkin cheesecake bars
Fruit and pecan pies and cream pies, in flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate, banana and coconut
Tarts, chocolate and peanut butter cups and mini-cakes

You can order a single dessert for a special occasion or stock up on snacks for whenever the cravings hit. After all, who says you need to partake in a meal to enjoy dessert? Get dessert patisserie services by contacting us today.